Working for K & K Inc.


At K & K Inc. we encourage teamwork and a shared sense of commitment. Our employees provide distinct skills, expertise and knowledge to meet common objectives. K & K is a “Safety First” company. At K & K we provide generous benefits to our employees including health and accident insurance. Working for us can be an enjoyable and rewarding career.
K & K Inc. is committed to recruiting the brightest and most talented individuals to join our staff. If you are interested in joining a company that values honest, integrity and respect for people, then we invite you to APPLY FOR EMPLOYMENT. Once we receive your application we will review it and may contact you for further information or ask you to visit our Human Resources department for an interview.
Safety First
K & K Inc. is firmly committed to operating all of its facilities and projects in a safe efficient manner and in compliance with all applicable safety, health and environmental regulations. Our goal is to provide an injury free work environment where facilities and projects are free of recognized hazards, where people, equipment and the environment are not placed at an unreasonable risk of injury or damage.

Jobs We Offer

  • Accounting
  • Office & Clerical
  • Project Managers
  • Construction Superintendents
  • Construction Foremen
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • CDL Drivers
  • Welders
  • Welders Helpers
  • Skilled Laborers
  • Mechanics
  • Many More...