Clifton, KS 26" Pipeline Modification


Start Date: 04/04/2018

Completion Date: 10/01/2018

Project Manager: Tyler Wilson

Superintendent: Matthew Owen


Remove and install newly fabricated double sided block valves, remove and install drip lines, launchers and receiver’s. K & K worked 9 sites, 1 temporary compressor site with 3 compressors to pull down gas to zero.

On each site we mobilized our equipment to build approaches, remove existing fence and tree’s, top soiled location, located all lines depths and PI’s by hydro excavation, mechanically excavated the mainline block valve’s and tie-over lines associated with the block valves, installed multiple stopples on each location, removed existing block valves and tie-over’s, fabricated and hydro tested new pipe, completed all tie-in welds, coated all underground bare pipe, pulled stopples, backfilled location, relayed topsoil, seeded and hydro mulched to restore location back to original condition, purged the pipeline and introduced gas back in the line .